When the power is off, press any button once to turn on the Bluetooth power, and at the same time, display the current power with a white LED.

In the Bluetooth ‘ON’ state, click any button to turn off the Bluetooth power, the power LED goes out, and the system sleeps.

Bluetooth will sleep automatically 15 seconds after no operation.

Press any button for a long time, you can quickly check the power, and immediately sleep when you release.

Click the button three times to turn on the power of chameleon. Sleep automatically after 5 seconds without operation.

When shutting down, press and hold the button next to USB and then connect USB. You can enter DFU mode.

Charging: Any time you connect USB, it will automatically start charging. Stop automatically after filling. The white LED indicates the power level.

Detect memory full: If the memory is full during dense flow detection, multiple red LEDs will be abnormally lit.