1. Upgrade Chameleon AVR Firmware

(1) Prepare your Windows computer. Linux or MAC please refer to GITHUB.(2) Prepare the firmware. Go to GITHUB to compile the latest firmware:

https://github.com/RfidResearchGroup/ChameleonMini Or use the firmware in attachment.

(3) Install the DFU driver. The DFU driver comes from ATMEL’s official LIBUSB driver library. You can download it yourself or find it in attachment.

(4) Enter the chameleon DFU mode. When the device is off, press and hold the yellow button near the USB (TINY is the B button), insert the USB, and then you can enter the DFU upgrade mode. Or send the command “UPGRADE” in the connected state, and it can also enter the DFU upgrade mode.

(5) Start to upgrade the firmware. Run the “ChameleonFirmwareUpgrade.bat” file in the attachment to automatically start the firmware upgrade. It usually takes 2-5 seconds. After the progress bar is complete, the firmware upgrade is complete!

(6) A description of the firmware. The chameleon REV.G version uses the same firmware for both the MINI with Bluetooth version and ITNY. The hardware design of the RF part is exactly the same.

The hardware is also compatible with the official firmware of the KAOS brothers: https://github.com/emsec/ChameleonMini

It should be noted that the Android APP is currently not compatible with the official firmware.

2. Upgrade (OTA) Bluetooth firmware for Chameleon MINI

(1) Prepare Android phone and install APP.

Google Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proxgrind.chameleon

(2) Open the app and connect the device using Bluetooth. Press any button on the MINI, and the white battery light is on, and Bluetooth is connectable. At this time, open the app again and click Connect to automatically connect the chameleon.

(3) Start upgrade (OTA) Bluetooth firmware. In the “Device Information” column, press “BLE CMD Version” 5 times.

It will pop up the OTA upgrade page, click “Auto Upgrade”, and the APP will immediately start to upgrade the latest Bluetooth firmware that comes with it. Automatically exit after the upgrade is complete.