Terms & Conditions of Sale

***Stock availability

Stock availability is shown on each item page when placing an order. However, RRG INT PTE.LTD.  reserves all rights to amend the order if the item is unavailable for any reason. RRG INT PTE.LTD. will contact the customer for amendment(s) and advise estimated delay.

***Acceptance of order

RRG INT PTE.LTD. only accepts customer’s order upon full payment made, unless special condition(s) granted by RRG INT PTE.LTD.
The order status or receipt of an e-mail order with “Awaiting for payment” does not constitute our acceptance or confirmation of the order .
• Full payment should be made within 3 working days, else order will be subjected to cancellation.
• RRG INT PTE.LTD. reserves all rights to limit and/or amend any order, items, promotions, cancellations to any customer. Refund of order will be made based on RRG INT PTE.LTD. “Terms & Conditions of Refund”.
The order status or the receipt of an e-mail order with “Preparing Shipment ” means our acceptance of your order and prepare item(s) for delivery. No order cancellation from this point and onwards.
Cancellation of order
No Full or Partial cancellation of order, once RRG INT PTE.LTD. has accepted customer’s order and of which full payment has proceeded.
Any cancellation of order has to be approved by RRG INT PTE.LTD. When cancellation that requires refund, it will subjected to RRG INT PTE.LTD. “Terms & Conditions of Refund”.
***Product Warranty / Return & Replace

RRG INT PTE.LTD. is pledged to provide utmost customers’ trust and satisfaction.
All items sold via RRG INT PTE.LTD. are cover with 6 months ( begin from the date of delivery) warranty for functional defects, not wear and tear or appearance deviates from catalog or etc.
Submit your claim to info@ USBNinja.com and all claim item(s) has to be send to RRG INT PTE.LTD. for examination and assessment.
RRG INT PTE.LTD. reserves all rights not to warrant any unfulfilled or unreasonable claim(s) by any customer(s).

For successful claim, an new replacement item will be returned to customer as free of charge inclusive of delivery.
For Unsuccessful claim , the claim item will be returned to customer with delivery charges.

Manufacturer’s Warranty
For item(S) with warranty offered by the manufacturer, customer shall contact the manufacturer directly for product warranty. Customer may contact RRG INT PTE.LTD. for assistance.