Terms & Conditions of Delivery

***Delivery lead-time

RRG INT PTE.LTD. engages trusted THIRD PARTIES delivery agent(s) with Tracking System provided by the delivery agent(s). RRG INT PTE.LTD. does not guarantee the exact date of delivery. Delivery lead-time is subjected to delivery agent and customer availability to receive. No refund or compensation will be made due to delivery delay by RRG INT PTE.LTD. Customer contact us to get latest status of delivery.

***Un-delivered items

RRG INT PTE.LTD. will not be liable of any loss or delay of the delivery.
If ORDERS is undelivered , it will be returned to RRG INT PTE.LTD. by the delivery agent(s), and RRG INT PTE.LTD. will contact customer and arrange for re-delivery.
Customer will be charged for the re-delivery if deemed to be customer’s mistake. e.g. Wrong shipping address; Not available to receipt delivery within a reasonable period of time.
RRG INT PTE.LTD. will re-delivery the order if found mistake incurred by RRG INT PTE.LTD. no extra fee is chargeable to the Customer but there will be no compensation on the delayed delivery.

***Damage during delivery
RRG INT PTE.LTD. is pledged to provide utmost customers’ trust and satisfaction. All items will be inspected and securely packed before shipping.
RRG INT PTE.LTD. engages trusted delivery agent(s), item(s) begin damaged during delivery shall be minimal. However, in event of such damaged cases, customer shall report info@ USBNinja.com within 24hrs upon received of item(s).
RRG INT PTE.LTD. will assess the damage based on case to case basis for possible “Replacement”. To assist our assessment, customer shall provide images of damaged item(s) and packaging.